Luxurious Magnetic Lashes by Creatively Beautiful


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Luxurious Magnetic Lashes

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All the information on the back

Step by steps instructions on how to apply the Luxurious Magnetic Lashes by Creatively Beautiful Inc. on the back of the kit, makes it easy to follow.

Loving these lashes! They are so easy to apply and you don't even feel them on.

Vanessa N.

Tried them for the first time today, liner was easy to apply.  Says a lot, because I never use liner.  I used my fingers to place it on the eye. I adjusted them and couldn't feel them at all .   Not heavy and honestly a couple times through the day I had to check to see if they were still there because I couldn't feel them at all. 

Robin B.

I LOVE THESE LASHES!  I showed my cousin and she wants them too. 

Sara B.

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